Engel Lid Strut Kit


    The cover adds extra weight and the standard kit might not be enough, if you say yes here we will add just a little bit more pressure to allow for the cover.

    This product requires you to drill holes in the body of your fridge, while StrutShop has included instructions we cant be held liable for any damage during the fitment of this product.
    Also due to the excessive movement in the hinges, sometimes the lid can sit at a slight angle.
    Please confirm that you understand by ticking the box.

    Allowing you to quickly remove the strut to allow access to remove the baskets.
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Strong Construction
  • Easy Installation
  • No more hassle when loading the fridge (when on a fridge slide)
  • Includes:
    1 x Strut
    2 x Brackets
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